Mr. Big Man

Sun, 07/14/2013 - 16:35 -- MiGar

Universal puppeteer, sink low to leveled eyes;

greet your dolls, servants, and playing friends.Tell us, are we doing well this time?Or did we swish about too much in wineand mortally taint it by believing false proclamationswhile exclaiming yours?


To ask for your return is dangerous - ambitious,to ask to be left alone is nuclearly flawed, manytell us, "Mija can't do it alone!"Suspended between rules of           earth                                                                                 family                                      self                                                                   and you


Can't quite tap still pavement without a sway a pull a pushbut stiff marionettes are silent, perhaps given up.Tell us, "Sure, you must pull equal weight!"or daintily we fall in heaps of woodunused and precious. Praying hands cannot stay putsoft our muscles sigh away, so calloused uswe praise our part - our skills haven't been left to waste, tostiffly rot away.


Thus prayer, skill, you, and us remains...I thank you, Mr. Big Man.


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