People are sensative, caring and often kind

People are rude, oblivious and even blind 

People are people and will act as they please

No suprise considering all the tempations of this world are just a tease


Friendships are made

Ground rules are laid

Set and broken

Only one true God can live up to the words he's spoken


God is there no matter what

He gives me this weird feeling in my heart and sometimes gut

 It guides me through the ups and downs

Occasionaly , i can't find a way throught and all i can do is frown 


Given hope from the only one

He's had faith when I've had none

Always a place of comfort and paradise

Returning to his every word for a fresh breathe from the wise


Letting him teach me the ways to be a good daughter, sister and eventually wife

I'll follow him all the days of my life

Not letting any form of many lead me astray

For God made us each and controls our lives day to day





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