"It is Finished"


-There I was. Standing shamefully in a courtroom surrounded by demons on my left side, and angels on my right side with Satan as the persecutor holding millions of records bout my life, and God; Sitting on the throne with a gavel in His mighty hand. I had no lawyer.
Placed on trial for things such as watching porn and masturbation, this was the beginning of my tribulation. There was no reason to plead an innocent statement, for all the evidence was already sitting right there with Satan.
The demon smiles as tears flood down The Judge's eyes. He clearly knew it was now the hour of my demise....but wait.
In came a light so bright that the demons laughing suddenly jumped with fright, and the man who stepped in through the doors that night was no one other than Jesus Christ. Darkness departed to give way, and, "glory" was all the angels could say as this man walked inside, pulled out a lighter, and immediately set Satan's records against me on fire. He then took the sentence file and erased my name, looked right at me and said,
-"Son, I'll take the blame".
Immediately, handcuffs were placed on this man, and He was thrown to the ground. The whole courtroom gasped at this horrendous sound and the sudden cease of beat to His heart. The same man who walked in glowing...had now become dark.
I did this to Him. He took my blame for porn, masturbating, lying, stealing, lusting, blaspheming, and took the pain spending three days in the Hell that I was supposed to go to for eternity! I left the courtroom that day, and there was nothing I could say...I was found innocent, and Christ handled the debt I had to pay. This type of love is more than you can ever give to a wife. This man DIED for me, yo. I owe Him my life! And even my life is not all worth it, because how could one ever trade perforate, for PERFECT? 
Partner, I gave my life to God, and suddenly picked up a mop. Lying, cursing, masturbation, ALL that had to stop! Because I realized now that my life had been bought, And it would be a shame to do nothing with it and let it rot....look.
I'm not perfect. The will to sin hasn't completely diminished,
But I believe Jesus' words before He died for me;
"It. Is. Finished."


Blade Prince

God bless you

Setrick Emmanuel Wagumba

May God bless you for this, indeed our debts were paid, Christ paid it all

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