The day is cold,
The sun's grown old.
The sky is grey,
I can't tell between the tears of the sky and the tears of my face.
Yet,  I will mumble under my breath,

The sun is up,
Bees are roaming and flowers looking up,
All is well as it should be
And I'm smiling toward the sky blue sea.
With my hands in the air, 
I will swirl around and shout:

The warm yellow desk light remains on through the night,
All is calm in the house with only the keyboard shinning bright.
Things aren't good and things aren't bad.
It's just life passing by
And another pile of papers left to write.
I will think to myself:

Voices are yelling one over another,
People are mad and hitting each other.
The storms of the sea can't compare with the thunder of anger.
Everything is a mess and every side is danger.
Yet, I will remember and sing

One word tells of a thousand things;
It means thank The Lord all is well for me to sing;
It means You are good and mighty
So I can trust You and not be hasty.
It means all glory be to You the God of all creation.
Your colors and beauty is beyond my imagination.

Hallelujah means praise The Lord for he is good,
Praise The Lord for He provides more than I ever could.
It means fantastic, awesome, incredible...
It says amazing, wonderful, indescribable...







It spells I love You, Thank You, Bless You, Your the best--
My life may be storming but my heart is at rest.
Tears may be storming and my life is a mess,
But I know not for one minute You cared less.
I may have lost my way,
But I will choose to tell You:
And know that I'll be okay.

hallelujah , hallelujah, hallelujah

The sun is warm,
The sky is cold,
Life is normal,
Life's a storm.
Through it all, 
each and every day:
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

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