One True King


I was one in the dark, you know?

Following a pace

Destruction was its face

Tall and Slim

Dark and Grim

Too much to care.


The light

Was too fair


My itchy ears

Was the gear


As my feet

Swift to steer


Clear from the light.


Followed the sound of my voice you know?


Though it all lies

How could I despise,

When it was I?


It was my own


In the pit...


How could I quite lies?

Too far to be out

Too small a voice

To shout, I thought, you know?



As I tripped,

My eyes caught



The clear light

What I thought was past life.

Golden and Green

Bright it seemed


It is.


I no longer wanted to hear

I want to steer clear

Of the light


But my feet was not working right.


Though I heard in my spite

The words

That I was fright

"I love you"


"Don't turn from me now"

"Did you not hear this great sound?"

My heart said once

Thunder over head.


Darkness was my bed.


I need you to help me

One True King


Take me to your bosom

To your rest


I confess

You know.


As a flower to a bee.

Your a nectar.

Sweeter than a honeycomb.


My life is now pro-founded

Now it's my turn to announce it.


I won't turn from you again

One True King


My strong tower

My hope

My faith

My light

My love

My God.


















Thank you Lord for touching this person! Bless him/her and keep him/her. Use this poem to open eyes and release hearts to your divine orchestration.

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