Love isn't always perfect, but it's consistent and unconditional

It is patient, kind, understanding, and genuine

It's asking how someone is doing

If they're not good, you'll be there for them

If they are good, then you want great

Love doesn't always have all the answers

But is willing to go on the adventure with you to find them

It's life lessons and a shoulder to cry on

You never have to question if it's there

When the whole world is against you

Love is there for you to lean on 

Love gets you through tough times when you feel like giving up

It gives you strength, hope, and reassurance

It frees your soul and gives you purpose

It gives up it's life, so you can have your's

Love has no boundaries

It will always see the good in you 

And allow you to see the good in the world

Love isn't always letters and roses

It's laughing with someone so hard you cry

It's stays there when you're weak

And gives you a reason to become strong again

Love is giving up pride

It helps you accept that you're wrong

And they're right

It's making time for someone 

No matter how busy or tired you are

It's a prayer

When you wake up, before you eat, and before you sleep

Love is such a vast thing

I could go on a on

But to try to keep things simple

Love is God






This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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This is my first poem I've ever written, feel free to criticize

Thanks for reading! (: 

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