Death By Shame (Life By Peace)

Power and shame, blood and Death

Pumping heart, lungs gasping for breath

Pray, should I do it? Oh, no. Never! Nay!

Please, God help me with this dragon I ever long to slay


Ever long to? But that is not right

Each night, I relish the dark, each day a fight

Exhausted I cry, “No more, no more, the fight must end!”

Easy now, for I see a Light shinning, just around the bend


A song, a kiss, a whisper, a laugh

A hand reaching out and helping me down this path

A scar, marring that beautiful hand

A peace and tranquility that cannot help but demand


Calling me free and out of the dark

Calming me, like a gentle breeze blowing through the park

Caressing me, loving me, holding me close to His Bosom

Can you not see the wonderful glory of His wisdom?


Excited, I laugh, loving His love

Every day an outpour of blessings from above

East and west, north and south

Enjoyment and life created by the words of his mouth


Power and shame, blood and death

Evicted they shall run from my Father’s breath

Apologies accepted, forgiveness given

Carrying me out of the sin, I now have a reason for living

Economy of mercy, God of Peace

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