Waves: crash,
Sand: coarse, grainy, irritable,
Waves: crash, break,
Shells: sharp, jagged, painful,
Waves: crash, break, awaken,
Sun: hot, blinding, powerful,
Waves: crash, no more,
Me: alone, deserted, fearful.

Past: alone,
New Town: no family, no friends, no companion,
Past: alone, deserted,
New School: no knowledge, no courage, no aspiration,
Past: alone, deserted, fearful,
New Faith: no doubt, no dread, no reservation
Past: alone, no more,
Me: strong, nurture, protection.

Trees: strong,
Fruit: sweet, nutritious, filling,
Trees: strong, nurture,
Home: sheltered, shaded, inviting,
Trees: strong, nurture, protection,
Wind: fast, intense, unrelenting,
Trees: strong, no more,
Me: abandoned, humbled, praying.

Past: abandoned,
Love: always patient, always kind, “Date Me?”
Past: abandoned, humbled,
Hope: always honorable, always selfless, “Marry Me?”
Past: abandoned, humbled, praying,
Faith: always trusts, always preserves, “Yes!”
Past: abandoned, no more,
Me: confident, passionate, “God, Bless Me!”

Storm: confident,
Waves: violent, frightening, destructive,
Storm: confident, passionate,
Trees: flying, falling, explosive,
Storm: confident, passionate, “God, Bless Me!”
Self: body aching, mind afraid, faith still believe,
Storm: confident, no more,
Me: alive, rejoicing, appreciative.

Future: alive,
Self: forever blessed, forever happy, forever grateful,
Future: alive, rejoicing,
Her: forever caring, forever brilliant, forever beautiful,
Future: alive, rejoicing, appreciative,
God: forever glorious, forever knowing, forever merciful,
Future: alive, forever more,
Me: nothing without faith.

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

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