A Deity and her Daemons

To the ones I no longer hold dear,


When your picture is pointed out on the tapestry

That's hung in the archives of my heart

By it's new inhabitants

That you taught me how to discipline

I wonder if I should use you as a warning

Or romanticize you, as I normally would


I look at your first appearance

And contrast it to your last

I can't help that, I take pride in how I

Sculpted you, built you

And put the stars in your eyes

So you would try to reach them


I learned how humanity works

Intertwined in heart strings and sacrifice

Throwing my body in the fire

To forge your smile

But when you stopped smiling at me

I knew I had done something wrong


I started wars on your behalf

Because I knew you would win

And for you to look up at me and smile

That would have made it all worth wild

As all the planets are slowly

But surely drifting away from the sun


I created seas from my tears

So you didn't have to hide in the shade

When my effort to make you happy

Ended up making you uncomfortable.

The moment you cut off your wings, I grew furious

So I flooded the Earth so you could see my might


As my waves tore my own murals and statues down

My own art abandoned me

I had to understand that daemon can't

When I held you in my heart, you thought my ribs were a cage

And broke them as you crawled and scratched your way out

All I did was to worship you


Mine Truly,

A Mother, A Maiden


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