Adam & Eve



God created world but wasn't very happy for what he saw
Thought how could He make it better and more interesting
He wasn't sure what He needs to do and pondered for long
He came to the conclusion the world needs to be alive and chirpy
He created Eve, a woman and was very satisfied for what he did
He told her to take a rest as she would begin her journey next morning to the world
The woman asked "OK! I shall go but what I am supposed to do there"
God replied "I am sending you because you can make it a better place"
The woman replied "That sounds great but don't you think I am all alone"
"What I would do there who I would talk to whom I'd spend time with?"
God answered "Hey! You are special and you won't need anyone"
Woman replied back "How could I be special if there is none to compare"
God was losing His patience but still said "That's because I made you like one"
Woman retorted back "I believe you but I would still need a company"
"Why don't you come along and be my friend, pholosopher and guide?"
That was the moment the God realised He indeed made a folly
He tried to calm down her "I agree, there has to be someone to be with you"
God told woman to postpone her journey to the world for some time
Next day God went to His lab and hurriedly made a man called Adam
He didn't waste time in asking what he thinks or what he wants
Just dropped him to the world like a falling apple from a tree
After Adam was gone woman asked "Why didn't you ask him anything?"
God replied "After having created you I learned my lessons"
Woman bounced back "Don't you think this is bit unfair to the man?"
"Like me, he is too your creation, so why this step brotherly treatment for him"
God was now becoming impatient, finding it harder to answer her queries
He thought for a while and said "Here you go my special creation"
That's how women came to this world, strange it is, but by default
They were argumentative to begin with and they are still the same.

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Our world


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