Maze of Life

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 15:46 -- brottet

People scurry through the Maze of Life
Like mice.
Never slowing, never stopping.
Focused only on finding an exit,
And reaching that big hunk of cheese,
Accomplishing that goal.
Hoping it will vanquish their internal hunger.
They twist and turn.
Make decisions in the split of a second.
Backtrack when they are wrong.
But, it does not work.
They are trapped in a puzzle that has no solution,
A rubix cube where every square is gray.
Naive like school children,
Believing there is an answer to life.
A solution to their problems.
A key that will unlock greatness.
And as they continue their fruitless search,
They forget to actually see.
The beauty around them.
The good in the air.
And the people in the streets.
Not bonding together or asking for help,
They ignore each other.
Because there is no time to speak to someone
Who is not going down the same path.
The need to find the exit is just too great.
But the people do not know
The only escape is Death.
For there is no solution.
No secret passageway to happiness.
God wants the people to enjoy the maze,
And explore every path,
While praying that the end
Isn’t just around the corner.



I truly believe this poem gives readers an important message. I am entering it for the Slam What You Will Scholarship.

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