Where Was God In Newtown?

In times like this, it's easy to ask
Where was God?
Why did He let this happen?
The answer seems to always be there
Looming over...
Seemingly unanswerable

Mike Huckabee made a valid point
We have been ushering God out of our daily lives.
We have tried to take His name out of-
In God we trust
We have tried to take anything Christian
Out of schools everywhere
Out of life in general...

Why then, do we get so angry and shout
We have escorted Him out, remember?
We have ordered Him to leave.
Us, His mindless, dirty, stupid creation.
WE order a good, righteous and just God out of the equation
And get angry when tragedies happen?

And I believe God was there.
God was in the teachers who took the bullets for their students
That gave their lives to the kids
God was in the policemen who rushed in, risking their lives
To save those children's lives

All those children are in heaven.
All of them.
We have a merciful God.

To all the parents:
Life is hard
It is sometimes not understood
But trust in God
And every single one of you will see your children again
He is calling you to Him

Don't get me wrong
It's going to be hard
Life is hard
Life is terrible
Life doesn't make sense
God is good

You are all in my prayers


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