God Gave Me You

Matthew 21:22 
God gave me you.                                      

God answered my prayer.

I asked for a girl, but instead he gave me an angel. I asked for girl I could have

a realationship with, but instead he gave me girl I can see spending eternity

with. I asked, and therfore I received. God not only gave me a girl, he gave me

a future. For which I see you there. I never asked for a beautiful girl, but he

gave me one so beautiful both inside and out that I can't look at another girl

the same. A girl so pure, so Godly, so inncoent, that I swear God himself made

her with his own hands. God didn't make it easy, the distance is difficult, the

future uncertain. But what is easy and certain is my feelings for you. For as you

see I don't just love you for your streghths and beauty, but I love you for your

weaknesses, your insecurities, your past. You scare me, not because of

anything you did, but because of how hard I fell for you so quickly. God did

not just give me a girl, he gave me a extension of his love. For I never felt as

strongly about him until you were there with me at church, holding my hand.

For that bond we formed through God is unbreakable. Whether you're meant

to be my girl for infinity or the one that drifted away. I know he put you in my

life for a reason. That is what scares me the most, I want you to fall in love with

me. I want to be your first and last kiss. I want to hold you in my arms forever.

But the future is uncertain, all we can do is wait, and let God's plan unfold. For I

know God didn't send me just a girl he sent me an Angel. For I know you are

heaven sent.

God gave me you.


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