No More Snooze


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Lord I hope it’s not too late
For me to wake up
And follow my fate

You’ve told me so many times
To wake up from the dead
I can’t help but sleep sometimes
the laziness I must shed

I am a sinner I know
You still love me so
For you don’t call the righteous;
Just the ones that are in the wildness

The greatness is that
You just don’t promise me
But my descendants as well
Your glory will see

I don’t want to follow You for profit,
That would be a shame,
I’d rather sit
Than do something as lame

I no longer want to snooze
You or your call
You’ve given me many clues
And if I keep sleeping I could fall

You’ve used so many ways
To try to wake me up
Your scripture even says
That I can no longer say “Hold up”

Through prayer You have spoken
And said “Get up”
And the situations I go through only
Give me lessons that pileup

You have a purpose for every thing I go through
Because you use it
To teach me
And give me something new

I want to praise the blesser
Not just the blessing
Because He’s the one that gave me pleasure
To give me a voice and sing

It might look like a mess
But this mess you’re using to save
And teach me to reach success

It’s so beautiful
The mess you’ve allowed
It may seem cruel
But at the end the Devil will be wowed

I know you’re just waiting for me to say
That I’m ready for
You to go press play

I know that You’re waiting
And I don’t want to make You wait longer
I’m here and ready
I’ve been made stronger


Brooke Gladney

I feel like this all the time. As easy as it is to believe, its sometimes hard to act off the belief.


Yep! It takes guts to act it off.

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