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Your love never fails me.
It is everlasting.
It is so wonderful that it fills me
with hope and love that's so fulfilling.
You caress me like a mother that's so caring.
I can't wait to see your purpose in my life fulfilled.
It will bring me so much joy to see.
People will wonder if it's really me
for they've always said, "Never will she."
You will use me in mighty ways;
Your light will shine through me like lightning rays
It's crazy how much power Your word has,
for never has it failed or anything such as.
My heart thirsts for You, Lord;
without You I'm like a warrior with no sword.
Fill me up and never leave my side
because I'm tired of trying to hide
You've given me so many talents that people don't have hope in;
many times I've tried to give up and call it a "FIN".
The only thing that holds me is your promise over my life,
for everything else just hurts me like a knife.
In times of doubt you have always called me
and told me to get up and start acting for Thee
I've wished I knew more of music, for many people judge me
I've wished I sung like those amazing girls that the worship lead,
But You've stopped me in my tracks.
You said You have a lot more more than that
Once, You said that I would speak to nations,
And even go to missions
To Africa and Spain I will go,
according to Your word,
breaking chains for Your name You have said,
for You have anointed me from toe to head.
I love You Lord and all Your deeds
I know You are molding me into that diamond shape,
and my talents You are developing like seeds.
Meanwhile, I'll keep fighting against temptations,
for the enemy is mad.
Victory has been won for You defeat all bad.
Thank you Lord, my turn soon will come,
but till that day, i'll worship and call You my Dad.


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