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Dear God,

I can see my whole face in the pupil of my eye.

I can eat a whole piece of my mom's pumpkin pie.

I can handle a handlful of the diamonds in the sky,

but why try when we're all just gonna fly

out into the universe?

Entropy's a bitch and she's leaving all my feelings hurt.

I just wanna live in a buckskin teepee or yurt,

growing my life from the warm lumpy dirt

ever since I was just a little squirt,

peeing in my pants and drooling on my shirt.

For what it's worth

I've never lived in dirth.

My mom was homeless for a while

but I've always had a hearth in front of which  I could perch

to fend off winter's cold curse.

Which is worse - to grow up comfortably,

or face adversity first?


Mom tried raising me Quaker but I've always hated church.

Sitting silent for an hour,

though I scoured my mind,

I never felt the Lord's presence,

maybe you were offline.

A divine intervention

in the broadband connection.

I always strive for perfection

but I usually quit before I've learned my lesson.

Now I'm left guessing

if I ever got Your blessing.

Yours truly,



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