Religion Is Dying

I read a pamphlet that asked if religion is dying, it's almost dead.
Religion may be gone forever in just a couple of decades ahead.
Religion is important to me because it's what America needs.
Jesus will return and when he does, he and his father will lead.

Donald Trump says that he can bring back prayer in schools.
I'm not crazy about Trump but if he can do it, that would be cool.
Children should be taught to pray so God won't be forgotten.
The thought of God disappearing from people's hearts is rotten.

We should always remember God because he will always remember us.
He will bless us if we worship him, he's the one who people shoud trust.
Now a days many people are non-religious, they refuse to acknowledge God and I don't think it's funny.
It wouldn't surprise me if the United States Government removes 'In God We Trust' from our money.


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