Happiness This Way

From the ground where we come

To the last beat like a drum


We live with just one goal

We only want to fill up our bowl


A simple idea though it seems

It can only be done in our dreams


The dreams that those live

Have abundance and plenty to give


Even to give may seem like the thrill

Into our heads this idea they drill


That possessions are the one true way

For us to say that we've gone the right way


You must have this and you must have that they urge

Without possessions your happiness will not surge


There's another way to say we've trailed the path to happiness fulfilled

Not all live that way but still display that happiness hasn't been killed


They insist that you know not of joy

Unless you have more than just one toy


"Don't be shrill you speakers of hate,

For this dream is surely your fate."


"All you must do is follow the money

And these sores will be gone just like tea with some honey."


No longer I listen for I know they will fall

These are surely so dumb just like a drunk call


Just look at this boy with smiles so wide

Owns nothing but calls himself happy inside


"The secret I'll share with all," he said

"Drop all your possessions and bow down your head."


"Don't hear this boy he's out of his mind."

"With gold and great diamonds it's happiness combined."


"Don't listen to them come climb up this mountain.”

It's better to know He than to install that fountain."


"For greater the good we find in this faith

Than objects to end you like Henry the Eighth."


"No houses, no outlets, no clothes, no cars,

For nothing is lasting like God and the stars."


"This smile endures without your possessions,

I just go to God and reveal my confessions."



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