You Are My Baby..

Tears stream down my face
It's just me and you in this lonely place
You are so stiff and so cold
My baby, its the last time you'll be in my hold
My darling, I dread to say, 
"I'm sorry you cannot stay.
I'll always be your mother
And one day we'll see each other.
The day I'll see your eyes open,
Will be when I won't feel so broken.
I hope to hear your voice
That's the moment my heart would rejoice.
My little angel, God gave you angel wings
So you'll grow up to do beautiful things.
Please...pretty please, don't forget me
Because you'll always be my baby." 
For the first and last time I kissed your little forehead 
And I laid you down in your baby bed,
I wrapped your fingers around mine
In hopes that God would give me a sign.
But nothing happened because you were really gone
And "I love you" were the words I  whispered on and on
I wanted you to know you were and will always be
A very special part of me
In Heaven or in my arms, you are my baby beautiful, sweet, little baby..




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