In a time that seems not that long ago, I wandered in the darkness.

Life had finally came over me like a blanket of stress and pain,

causing my very being to grow angry and hateful towards the world.

The presence and ideology of the world around me, hate being spewed out of others' mouths like

an erupting geyser, caused me to form a hardened shell around myself.


I would witness the negative thoughts and actions of others around me,

sometimes being involved in the negativity.

Never have I inflicted these negative thoughts to others, but more of the other way around.

You could say that I was a victim to others pushing these thoughts onto me.


When this occurred, it only made me sink deeper into my shell,

my hate of the world around me grew more and more like a weed in the soil.

This anger that began to rise like a thermostat would soon evolve into something larger.

This thing that was fed by anger is something that's deadly if it isn't treated correctly.

This thing is known by the name of Depression.


Having dealt with the views of the world and the stress that appeared in my life

created long periods of me, bottling my emotions.

I couldn't handle dealing with the words that escaped from others' mouths,

which caused isolation of my very being.

I was no longer social, I didn't care for others around me, I basically

gave up on life itself.


Having walked into darkness, leaving the path I was on before, I felt alone.

I had no hope for the world and my life.

Spending so long hearing negativity and being angry, I had grown cold.

I finally obtained isolation, no longer caring what people had to say, but

I was left with an empty feeling inside.

My heart was drained of any love or care, I would finally disappear into the darkness.


It was strange though, even in this time, something did follow with me into isolation.

This thing that followed was something that I hadn't noticed before.

It had rested its hand on my shoulder, almost like it had said "Don't worry, I'm here for you."

This thing, it was always in my life, I never had taken time to notice it though.

I was too busy hating the world, showing anger and sorrow to the point of being alone.

This thing was God.


It was a wake up call for me.

God had grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the darkness.

Why give up? Why hate? Don't you see that I gave you a purpose in life? Hate is not your purpose.

God being in my life had made my anger and sorrow dissipate.


God pulling me out of the darkness brought me hope because he would always be there.

His unconditional love helped me grow love towards others,

caring about the world like I had when I was young.

The world's negativity didn't matter to me anymore, because it is in God’s hands.

My happiness, my love, and my hope has grown quickly like a wildfire through Him.


Forever I will hold this moment close to me,

for God pulled me out of the darkness, embracing me when I was angry and depressed.

This new me, of being positive and happy, is a gift from God that I can't repay.

In my life, this is my rebirth.


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