I woke up like this…

You woke up like this…

Who woke up like this? Flawless.


Saying we look so good tonight,

But how will we feel tomorrow?




Yes, sorrow.



I have no diamonds.

I’m too poor.

But this Rock,

My Rock!

My King—

No, our King!

Our Savior!

God damn, God damn, God damn!


I wake up and know that this life is testing me,

But I wake up and know that His hands rest on me,

And still I rejoice in flaws, struggles, and shame,

Yes even,

Not knowing how to play this most tedious of games.



I sleep easy knowing His hands are on mine.

So when I wake up,

I wake up Loved,

Feeling far more than just fine.


I woke like this…

You woke up like this…

All loved first,

And when you know you were loved first,

You couldn’t care less about flawless.

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Our world
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