Life's truth?

Tue, 08/06/2013 - 15:53 -- ship13


What is life's truth?

Life's truth is that it's what you make it;

oh and who can forget that its unfair.

Are these supposed truths 

actually well ...true.

Is life really what you make it?

Can life be bad if you make it bad? 

Is life good if you make it good?

What if you want to make life fair,

could someone really do that?

Can it really be fair? How about unfair,

could someone make life unfair?

Well if that is the case

life could very well be what you make it 

when one thinks about it:

life can be happy,

life can be sad,

life can be awesome,

 life can be adventurous, 

life can even be ambitious,

or is that just what people want to believe.

Is there maybe a higher or divine purpose to life?

No one can say for sure, however

it gives the mind something to ponder.

Believing in such a force that would create

your life, should give meaning to one's life. 

Unfortunately, for some without seeing,

some cannot believe merely on faith.

If I may be so bold to say, that I

believe in such a force, being, or even God

if you will. I would like to know 

if my life has a "truth" or "purpose".

Wouldn't we all like to know our own

individual truth or purpose? 

Wouldn't we all like to know life's truth?




By: Joshua Parker


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