Spiritual Morning

After a day like yesterday, I'm grateful for my faith.

I'm grateful to believe in God, who loves me unconditionally.

I'm grateful that God sent His only Holy Son to die,

just for me.

No one has even come close to loving me like that.

No one, but God, has seen me do wrong,

yet continue to still love me--inspite of me.

I don't deserve this moment.

The desires of my heart could have lead me to destruction;

but, God continues to give me strength through my downfalls.

Yes, I have to suffer the consequences of my actions;

but, still God forgives, gives, restores, and continues to bless.

Like, wow.

I have never met a man who truly accepted my flaws and

loved every part of me,

until I took time to realize the magnitude of God's love in this very moment.

Now, I'm just left wondering, what would I be, where would I be without God?


I know I'd be a constant train wreck.

I'd engage in lust, negatively posioning the foundations of what love stands for

I would seek revenge on any and every one for any miniscule thing.

I would stand for nothing and fall for anything.

Here one moment and gone with the wind, the next.

I'd be even more of a mess than what I am today.

Nah, I'm stating to be perfect, lately I've been far from it--

I just realize that God is still working within me, even when I fall short.

This morning, I am overtaken by the goodness of God,

the truth in His love,

and grateful that He never walked away.



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