Eating God

The taste of wine reminds me of a man who died to redeem me thousands of years ago.

I have never met him.

He doesn't know me.

Back up, take this cracker from between my lips,

I don't need you to save me.

Step away, take your flesh out of my mouth,

this damsel can slay her own damn dragon.

My anger is valid.

I am righteous in being upset with you,Β 

I hope the stained glass of your halo cuts you.

I don't understand why you left,

hey deadbeat,

remember your daughter?

Nothing is in my wine, or this saltine passed to me on a plastic tray.

Don't you dare act like you care about me.

You don't even pay spiritual child support.

So, emancipate me,

sign the paper and let me live my own life.

I want to be able to drink merlot without thinking about you.



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