The Hurt

Sun, 03/08/2015 - 17:20 -- Bravo

they looking at me like he never gonna make it
gave me a barrier
I'm destined to break
it I'll take it
give me the good with the bad i had worse
they say he not all the way there
well at first
i was susceptible to my environment
that's one requirement
the other is to see where I'm at and seek no higher than that
stay ignorant to the facts
just cause I'm black don't mean I gotta struggle
don't even gotta hustle
just use my mind and then contract my muscles
that's how it work and that is what I must do
become a diamond under pressure never let them crush you
I gotta stand for something even if my knees may buckle
cause they expected me to fail
but i will prevail
become the head and not the tail
on my mama
ima climb up
despite the ones who tryna pull me down
and wear me out like a designer
im trying
heart of a lion
i triumph
i gotta do it for
my brother in the pin
my mother in a grave
my brother who in sin
my pops work like a slave
my sis who can't enjoy money that she getting paid
my bro who in the army hope he don't lose his life
cause I don't know that in his heart if he accepted Christ
my life is like a movie you wanna see this drama
remember swat was at my house and had the gun to mama
remember I was in a drive by but i was the driver
remember free lunch everyday but that soup was good tho
I'm from the hood tho like really really from the hood tho
we all they same so why am I misunderstood for
I'm glad I changed all the glory goes to the LORD
cause all that pain
had the kid just going insane
I lost my brain
but JESUS brought me back to reality
up out that fallacy that all a nigga good for is killing
selling drugs fighting being cocky and stealing
but now I'm willing to accept what he's instilling in me
been through the fire came out clean and all i felt was debris
came out them chains a modern day slave now I'm free
still they discourage
but I got courage
they try to kill me with their words instead nourish
still I flourished
from all the dirt they threw on the kid
don't ask them why just wondering if I can live
without the negativity that's stripping me of my morality
I know I got flaws but we all fall as a formality
not giving an excuse for me to practice some carnality
it's sad to see my majesty is as filthy as them Pharisees
i gotta make it for the LORD cause he became a casualty
carried his cross now im asking him to carry me
my spirit willing but my flesh weak
when I reach my peak and sitting at the top
I'd like to talk to God and know it wasn't all for naught
he paid the price for me I know it must've cost alot
I could've been enslaved in a grave or in a cot
I could've been got shot
I could've been convicted
but thank the LORD I never starved or even got evicted
I can't complain cause plenty people got it worse
i think I said enough y'all don't need another verse
..the hurt!

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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