Sin is produced from the heart,

and it pulls God and I apart,

Yet we still ask God to listen to our heart.

We seem to only go to God in the midst of trouble,

Those moments when our sin points seem to double,

Why don't we go to God in the first place?

Why only when we undergo limbo do we seek His precious face?

Life in sin is a life without God.

The gods we often go to though are but a fraud-

which makes us wonder: Do we really know God at all?


The real God is the creator of creation.

We go and attempt to put Him on probation.

In heaven and on earth,

He is the reason and purpose of my birth.

Visible or invisible-

of all other gods, He is primordial.

Whether thrones, dominions, rulers, or authorities-

He is the why I keep my sobriety.

All things were created through Him,

by Him,

for Him,

to praise Him.

He is before all things.

Closely to Him, He wants us to cling.

In Him, all things hold together

whether it is life or death or simply just the weather.

Jesus Christ is the head of the body,

but we've segregated parts making ourselves dysfunctional and soddy.

He is the beginning.

To us, He has forever been listening.

He is the firstborn from the dead.

A difficult narrow path to the cross, He has lead.

Who He is,

What He is,

When He is,

Where He is,

Why He is,

How He is,

is so He might be where my heart lives.

The disconnection is my heart is not there.

In fact when it comes down to God's rules, I often don't care.


God, I do not know if I can take one more step towards You-

You poor, all-knowing, unattractive King of the Jews.

You who had better luck dying for our sins that fitting in on our pews.

All I fear and see before me is regret,

even though I know Your son's blood washed away all of my wretched debt.

As I lay sobbing and forsaken on the floor,

It's quite obvious I don't worship you anymore,

but yet me you still adore-

me: a girl full of malice,

a wandering soul who gave up your unbelievable palace.

I lost the love you love the most

when I left You, Your son, and the Holy Ghost.


I learn to live half a life-

one of trouble and of strife.

From God, I have run very far

shown of my wrists by numerous scars.

I've been destroying my heart-

a precious miracle that allowed my life to start.

To sin, I have been bound,

but the awesome part is the lost get found.

My soul was rescued

because God continued to subdue.

God loves who I am;

why else would He sacrifice His perfect lamb?

God has been good to me.

He has set me free.

It's amazing that we have been chosen His friend to be.

The lamb paid the incredibly high fee.

To our salvation, we hold the key.

I go to Him on bended knee.

Praise God His face I can finally see!

God's love has been unfailing.

It has been surrounding me daily.

I pray He continues to hold my heart,

so we may never again depart.


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