Beautiful LIGHT!


The roads are dark, lost in direction. 

No way to turn, my path is lost--

I can’t see, where is the Light? 

Turn right, turn left, I do not know?

 Wherever I go, I cannot see.

My heart pounds, it’s so dark!




No succession, I’m still in the dark

I go in circles, losing my direction.

My life is tumbling down a hole I can’t see.

I try to find my way, I know I’m lost--

I thought I knew, I hoped to know.

Desperately trying to find the light.




I needed to find You, where is the Light?

My eyes were caught up in the dark,

A light, A light! I hoped to know.

I pushed, I shoved to follow its direction.

But wrong I was, tumbling back to being lost. 

Again I had fallen, I can’t see, I can’t see!




A small Light shown, that I could see,

It was You, I reached to touch the Light.

Lesser, was I being lost--

The Light had shone through the dark.

I likened to think I had found my direction, 

The Light was bright, I now know.




I knew the Lights warmth, like I used to know.

My eyes fluttered, they could see--

My heart grew warmer, As I followed Its direction, 

The light before was not like this Light.

The Light shone, and I grew out of the dark,

You kept shining, I was no longer lost.




My heart in a dark place, was lost--

I grew, learning the ways, needing to know. 

You found me, lost and broken, in the dark

Healing from the ground up to see--

 So bright were You, the Light

You found me, showed me the way, my direction




I thought I knew my direction, 

But my way, made me lost

You brought me to life, You beautiful LIGHT! 




..... a Sestina, so after every six lines there is a break, and then the last three sentences are grouped together.. and there is a pattern in the last words of the sentences. I tried changing the format, but I didn't know how. I felt like doing it in the form of a sestina, because i wanted to challenge myself and but it just came naturally to me, I also feel like even in its strangeness the message is strong and the emotions you can feel if you can relate, hopefully the message is passed on :D Oh Beautiful Light How you love all of us so..

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