Ugly empty silence in my chest

You painful knot of bitterness

Full of regret and accusation


Each part inside me that dies

When I am with my siblings

But I am not with my siblings

I feel the distance most when I’m with them


Tears be my tongue

Frustration inability hopelessness

Throttling me at the neck

The pit in my throat is louder than my voice


Please please speak before it’s too late

Pause, scramble for words and the moment’s gone

It’s always too late


Tell the world that it wins

Everyone will leave me

I will never find a brother, a sister, a soulmate


Before I crumble to dust

Before death claims my body

I have one last thing to add

Now speak

What does the world have to say

It can never win

It strives ever to break me

But I don’t belong here

I belong with the One who never leaves me

And eternal Love will be my reward

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