I Love You, So…&

I Love You, So…                                                                                                                                


I Love You, So I Will

Be there when you are sick—

Give you the medication to make you


Give the food to nourish your bones.

Pray over you and with you;

Support you when you are weak.


I Love You, So I Will

Encourage you when you are falling.

Hold you up, build you up.

Speak life to a decaying body.

Help you fight the fight, to win the race alongside me.

Two is better than one, says the Teacher. The cord

Of Three is not easily broken.


I Love You, So I Will

Lay down my life for you.

Love requires sacrifices,

Big and small.

Love requires all of me but cherishes and Edifies



I haven’t loved you as I ought;

God, forgive me! Teach me to love one another as

Your Son loved us! Give me strength and grace to love.


With His Aid

I will do these and more

Because I Love You.



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