Eternally Living

If I can take a look into my past
And see a glimpse of who I was
I would cringe in disgust
But, now I have a fresh hope
A new outlook on life
Today, I have acquired something that will last
The one, true God is looking me in the eye
Telling me how proud He is of me
I am forever His
If this were not the truth, I would tell you
But I know
Beyond a shadow of a doubt
That He loves me with a love
So deep, so wide, so massive
I cannot even begin to describe how incredible it really is
Just open your heart
To His acceptance of you
He adores everything within you
Because He crafted it all with His own two hands
Those nail-pierced hands
Driven into a cross for our sins
He payed the price
So we wouldn't have to
But, He is not dead 
He is surely alive
And He is living inside of us
For His glory alone


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