How Could You?

Dear God,

There are many things that I don't understand that I may come to know later

but one thing that I know I'll never understand is why the people I loved

had to be taken away. Most of them very abruptly. We had no warning. 

How was my mom's family supposed to know that bacteria from your

mouth can travel to your heart? It killed their mother without giving them

a chance to say goodbye. My uncle was ten years old. Ten! He barely

remembers what she looks like without pictures. He doesn't remember

that she loved bright colors, and that she laughed all the time. He doesn't 

remember that she was caring and creative. My mom barely remembers

her senior year because of her mother's death.

Maybe I wasn't alive when she died but I'm still missing someone

that I never met. How is that fair?

And Pappy, oh my. How could you? How could you hurt Nana 

like that? No matter how much she loves us, I know that she would give

anything to be with him again. 

Now while I know that all things in this world have to work together

for it to work, it doesn't mean that I'm okay with my world being

disrupted because of that fact. It's like when it's time for someone to go,

Death takes ahold of that family's world and just shakes it like a snowglobe.


You better be ready for a whirlwind of questions when I get to heaven.

Because there will be one and you will be answering every single one

of them.




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