Lost in the Dark


The sky turns dark

A deep black

falls upon us.

The angels cry

as the Earth pushes

further away from the Golden Gates.

Twenty centuries of deep sleep.

The great hands try to shake

but they wake up blind.

Warns words loudly

but falls upon def ears.

The moon

shines a spotlight.

They are too scared to get in the light.

The moth reels,

casting shadows.

She flutters gracefully and beats her dusty brown wings

until they turn white

but, as all, she is tired of flying

before long

and all the light

was too much for her.

She flaps back into the dark

and rests in soot

as the thickness weighs her down

She can no longer fly into the light.

The moon flickers as the cold wind blows

the clouds in the way.

The Dawn is gone.

Morning will never come.

We are lost in the dark.


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