A Glimpse at the Private Me


Typically, my policy is practicing self-censorship
Acting like I'm masterful, with unsurpassable intelligence
In actuality, some elements exist which aren't usually seen
Those who are closest have noticed that I can be truly obscene
For instance, I've made gastrointestinal distress a commonly-heard symphony
Accompanied by the strains of "We STILL haven't won the lottery? You're kidding me!"
I keep trying to break my personal record for the most profanity used in a day
Mom and Dad still cringe whenever they look back on my rudest displays
Letting the smallest of our two dogs bite my fingers is a temptation I haven't been able to overcome
Lest she become mean, that's a habit I'll break, though I know it's tough
Some days I stay up late and wake up later than I should
Which makes charisma harder to maintain within my mood
I'm in my twenty-second year, but still a work in progress
The aforementioned imperfections partially explain why this person's got stress
But instead of letting it have power over me, I actually stop first
Then remember that there are many who have it a lot worse.

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