God's Gentle Push

I wake up with anchors tied to my limbs, a burden too big to toss

I open my eyes attempt to arise but fatigued my body's at a loss

The bitter cold runs through me, my blanket carreses my face

It whispers soft and sweetly, "Don't go, you'll be a disgrace"

I'm just near giving up, ready to call it quits

When I hear a louder whisper, "You can do better than this"

I feel a little stronger yet still it weighs me down

When he cuts the chains that bind me, His love and mercy surround

I feel a jolt of energy, His spirit speaks again

"You have somewhere to be, My work you must attend"

The bitter wind is back, but this time I feel no chill

For His arms are wrapped around me, pressing me forward still

I reach the door and pause, fear striking my core

He gives a gentle push, and suddenly I'm out of the door

What gets me up in the morning, is simple don't you see?

It's not myself or my own strength, but God's own purpose for me

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Wild Dakini

Ahhh yes! Beautiful praise for your faith. 

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