This is Why I Write


While reading the Holy Bible I read  a Scripture that states "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" With that said, I understood that every word I say or write reveals something about me--It reveals the deep,  It reveals hidden epiphanies of myself and life-- My words have the power to bring forth healing and light-- Light that illuminates the darkest parts of me-- Light that requires me to correct the things that need to be, Writing is an outlet where I am able to give myself--Give myself to edification and wisdom and relatability to reach someone else. I write because it is where I hear my heart truly speak, I write because its words are powerful and unique. I write because it gives me awareness of my center,-- a place where not religion, not tradition, but where God abides-- A place where truth is illuminated in a world full of opinions and lies.Words birthed from pain and gladness Hold the power to reach someone perhaps in a state of madness. I write because I know that in this life I serve a purpose-- A purpose to live, feel, and record life's experiences,  just in case someone may need to reminded of this-- This truth alone, That no matter what season of life you are  in, you are not alone. I write to let the world know That life is full of people and stories that need to be told-- So I write, because I know That our words articulate our experiences that have the power to touch a heart and reach a soul. This is why I write! 


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