Cries for Help

Sat, 10/27/2012 - 13:06 -- Grey

She sits in a corner all alone.
Another day of being bullied at school and home.
Shes too thin. An anorexic girl.
Shes too quiet. Scared of the whole world.
Everybody hates her because she is different.
The cuts on her wrists she wish she hadn't.
She begins to cry wanting to know love.
She doesn’t realize there's greater things above.
Shes beaten everyday.
Bruises on her arm she wishes away.
A knife in one hand and the other close enough to cut.
She begins to move when something grabs her to make her stop.
"Listen my child don't harm yourself,
Things are bad now but time will heal.
Treat your body like a temple and bring no danger.
You're loved by me and all your heavenly brothers.
Just put the knife down and do as I say.
Pray for forgiveness, your new life starts today."
She starts to tear up because she's heard of God before.
She never believed in because she found no need to.
She begins to shake. Is this right she questions herself.
She gains great force and throws the knife across the room.
She comes to her knees and begins to pray.
"Dear God, I’m starting today.
You love me and will help me.
You'll keep me from wrong.
With you I'll make it in this world."
She pulls down her sleeves to cover up her scars.
"That was the past and with God Ill go far."

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