Intimacy-Into Me See-See Into Me

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 23:36 -- H3av3n

I don't want an affair; I want a wife

I want intimacy-into Me see-see into Me 

Or do you not know that when you try to talk to Me, I don't hear you?

Your words don't turn Me on, it's your Spirit 

But if you have anger in your Spirit, I will not be able to communicate with you 

Though your lips say the right words and you pray with all your might, 

Your heart is in disagreement with your mouth 

And anytime your heart and your mouth do not agree,

A house divided against itself shall not stand; there is no unity 

Unity is when U.N.I.TY 

If the house is divided against itself; if your heart and your mouth are in disagreement;

How do you expect Me to bless you?

I can not communicate with you on the level that I long to (which is Spirit to Spirit) if your Spirit is filled with anger 

Get rid of the anger in your Spirit 

I want intimacy-into me see-see into Me...


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