Fri, 03/30/2018 - 23:20 -- puffin

I'm an atheist,
But that doesn't make me rude.
Keep on trucking, theists,
By all means, you do you.

But I don't appreciate
Being painted as the villain. 
I'm not broken nor filled with hate;
For the most part, I'm just chillin'.

I'm not ignorant of theistic ways,
As I was raised in a faith.
(No, some disaster did not turn me away;
Skepticism caused my belief to abate.)

My life isn't hopeless and devoid of meaning.
Insofar as purpose, my minutes are teeming!
I'll only have a short time before I grow old,
So every second I value more than gold.

But why the misconceptions?
Why am I a scrooge?
Is it really so harmful to the church's perceptions
To honestly consider what I see to be true?

How am I the aggressor?
How am I the oppressor?
How do I make life arduous?
How am I the institution
When in seven state constitutions
I'm banned from running for office?

I'm not evil, I just disagree with a notion.
I don't censor, judge, nor punish
Other people who live in devotion.
What do these misinterpretations accomplish?

Do you really need an enemy to feel united?
Why am I your token scapegoat?
It's not enough to leave me uninvited --
My rights you're compelled to demote?

I'm just trying to coexist,
But your hatred still persists.
Stop with the abuse.
You may think you have an afterlife to spend,
But I think my days will come to an end.
There's no excuse,
When you take my limited days by calling me a cad,
You're stealing from me the most valuable thing I have.

That is, time.
It's made precious by its scarcity.
I'll do all I can with mine,
And work against any adversity
So that when I slip into that sleep --
For an eternity, I assume --
I can go in peace,
Knowing I've done all I can do.

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