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There's Something in the sky
Just because the lights turned off when a car went by.

There's Someone to share the pain
Just because you heard a name in the rain.

There's Somewhere to run and stay
A place where it might be better, someday.

And yet all we're given is here,
Frozen in Time's headlights like a deer.

The time we steal is ours
For meager moments in steaming showers.

Some say it's not enough
- say the time we're given doesn't amount to snuff.

Some use words like "what" and "if"
Standing all straight shouldered and stiff.

Yet I just sit and mock them all
Those whose name the rain does - or doesn't - call.

And instead I write away
Until the dawn of a new day.



I love the rhyming in this poem, and how you send a great message about how writing poetry is a way for us to tell the world how we really feel. If you're interested in writing about goals and surroundings or just want some more inspiration, check out "poetry writing tips" in the "resources" section of the site!

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