I Still Believe

I wasn’t there in the Garden
Didn’t see when He died for my pardon
Wasn’t there when he sweated drops of blood
Oh how His heart must have been tugged
I didn't see the disciples dismay
When Judas Jesus betrayed
I didn't see the guards with swords
I didn't hear their harsh words
I didn't see the stripes on His back
As He endured their fierce attack
I didn't see the blood that He lost
Before He was Mailed to the cross
I didn't see Him suffer and die
I didn't hear His pain filled cry
But I still believe
He died my sin to redeem
I wasn't there that fateful day
Wasn't there to hear Him say
Father why have You forsaken me
I still believe His death set me free
I wasn't there when He my son's bore
Wasn't there that glorious resurrection morn
I didn't see the stone rolled away
Wasn't there to hear the Angel say
He's not here, he's risen
His life for me was given
His redemption I will receive
Because in Him I still believe

© 2020 DHW

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Our world


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