A Letter to God


United States

I haven't had the chance
To meet you.
But, here are the things I feel,
The things that are very true.

You make me smile
When I want to frown.
You lift me up
When I fall down.
You show me love
When I am hurt.
And sometimes,
You make me forget I was ever hurt.

You heal me.

You make me laugh
When I want to cry.
You let me speak
And say "Don't be shy".
You cradle me
In your loving arms,
Leaving me happy and warm.

You protect me.

You push me on
When I feel like bailing out.
You make me calm
When I feel like shouting out.
You are interested in my dreams
And want to help me out.

You support me.

You make me feel alive.
You relieve me from stress
Because you don't want me to cry.
You love to ask me questions,
But get mad when I ask "Why?".
You say "Trust me,
I would never tell you wrong.".
And you always end up
Being right.

You enlighten and inspire me.

You do these amazing things.
Say these incredible things.
And no one had to ask you to.
But you do these things
Because I chose to love you.

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