Let's Slaughter Satan

Bring out the blades, we're ready to go

in the night, in the day, in the storm

the enemy is all around, his darkness masked as light

you'll see him only if you look,

just like the Father, bright

and shining, precious

none is righteous

no, not one, or two

he'll preach the opposite because

he delights at sin

you'll see his flaming eyes and mouth,

become his slaving kin


but load the guns and grab your shield,

we'll slay him in his thrown!

the armies of the Prince of Peace

rejoice to hear him moan

the few, the faithful, rush his gates

we'll stab him as he sleeps

already killed our ignorance

the demon heathens keep

a tactic so benign to those eyes

blinded by the heat

that radiates from his dark house

which cools at his defeat


He's sending out his minions now,

the ones that drain your mind

of softer thoughts,

your kindness rots

into a pulpy grime

a hatred so complete and vile

slithers past your soul

he'll send his ice to coat your heart

his melting pot is full

of love and confidence and peace

he turns them all to gray

metallic now, they'll form the wall

to block your sunlit way


So take an ax and join our ranks,

as one, we can prevail

and anyway what choice have you?

who's glimpsed his pointed tail



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