The Spark

A question rises out of the dark,

Spoken quickly, it darts like a spark


Into the ears of waiting minds


And behind closed eyes the question lies:

"For what purpose each day do you rise?"


It's unknown if an answer they'll find


And the audience searches for help

In distress, one who speaks in a yelp


Shouts, "A moment, please!  It's unassigned,"


"No time," says the question, "You must choose,"

"Moments spent undecided you lose."


A woman far in the back pipes up:


"Could it be to show each other love?"

A murmur arises; with a shove


The people have begun to disrupt


The question, and give their own answer:

"To be a blessing!", "To cure cancer!"


"To be happy and find fullminment,"


"To give my family all that they need!"

"To give away my wealth; to beat greed!"


The question, answered, leaves in moments


The people get up, ready to make

Their dreams come true, whatever it takes.


From this tale a lesson arises:


Discover what your true worth is,

And realize that you have a purpose.


Now, why do I rise to face each day?


To discover, create, laugh ,and sing;

To live without anticipating.

To spread the love of my God above,

To do the best that I can and then some.

To bring hope and to set a new light

In someone's heart; inspire them to fight.


My one hope is that you take this to heart

And go out and bring to others this spark.


If you heed these words and that's what you do,

Then I have accomplished my purpose through you.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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