A Freak to be Reckoned With

test me 

i dare you:

because one day i will have had enough 

and you will realize that though i may be a freak 

i am a freak to be reckoned with

so remember that when you go to push me down 

i, unlike you,

have stayed my hand.

unlike you,

i know it is not my right to bring judgement 

so i cool my head and ignore the wound in my heart 

Freak,Failure,Disapointment, Unworthy Wreak.

like i don't know 

your right; 

I'm scared of whats inside my head;

but i am even more scared of whats in yours.

Push me down, test me

I am waiting like a predator

I am ready,

..................are you?



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



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Very well written, unfiltered. I love it.


thank you so much


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