Not so Ordinary Day


It all started one day

just an ordinary day

the first time they got together

the first of their new forever

Their love was expressed

as they got undressed

Still just another ordinary day


They thought the day was done

they thought nothing would come

seperate ways of course they went

seperate ways so no more time they spent

Between the rising and the setting sun


A beautiful creation between the two

A beautiful change to the world too

So early on brings a small heartbeat

So early on formation from head to feet

A bond of love

surely a gift from above

As the progress starts to show through


A single choice made

A single choice not one and ment

but it is said for her it is completely alreight

so the innocent life inside

is gone without ever having cried

as the heart beat fades to an end


Not one day they got to see

Not one day they got to breath

But why should she have the choice?

But why should she protect the voice?

For the unidentified soul

was created for a role

that they never got a chance to be


It all started that one day

a not so ordinary day

The last time they were together 

the last it could be forever

No longer they are connected 

because her choices were projected

on that not so ordinary day


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