I Am Not Perfect

I am a daughter of God, but in no way am I perfect
I am not a perfect daughter nor will I be a perfect bride.
I’m afraid to admit that the reflection I see might not even really be me.
But He loves me and He needs me.
He needs me to work in His name,
To be everything I can be and should be.
I am not perfect.
There have been nights when I drink too much or say too much.
There have been moments when I let temptation take me to darkness and have to crawl my way back to the light,
I am not perfect
I get angry at idiots who walk by and can’t seem to keep their tongues in their mouths and their eyes on the road ahead, I show them the bird and read a list of words and phrases I’d be ashamed to hear Him read back to me on judgement day,
I have my regrets and my fair share of burdens, but He takes them all from me.
He is perfect.
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