who can answer?

Part I


A sudden whirlwind

And a voice so said


Who, dark counsels

By words without knowledge?


Now questions are

To be answered!


Where were you?

During the foundations

Of earth? And tell

If you understand


Who gave it?

The dimensions?

Surely known it is

And who laid its corner stone?

Who shut the sea?

And set it doors?


The clouds and its wear?

Wrapped in dark thickness

And commanded it?

The places to approach

And no further than the marked


Can anyone ever?

Give orders to the morning?

Or show the dawn its place?


Has anyone ever?

Entered the storehouses?

Of snow? Or of the hail?

Which are for the

Times of trouble

For in days

Of war and battle


Have you ever wondered?

Why rains rain to

Water a land

Where no one lives?


Does the rain?

Have a creator? And who?

Creates the drops of dew?

And the birth to frost?


Does anyone ever?

Know the laws of above?

Have you ever?

Counted clouds?


Do you hunt?

Prey for the lioness?

Or satisfy the hunger?

Of its cubs?


Do you know who?

Provides food?

For the ravens?

When it’s young

Cry above


Part II


Do you ever know?

When Mountain Goats

Give birth?

Do you know?

The time?

They give birth?


The young ones

Grow strong

In the wilds

They leave

And do never



It’s from above

That the donkeys

Were given the

Waste lands

As its home


Will ever?

The ox serve you?

And can you?

Trust it?


The wings

Of ostriches

Flaps richly

Than that

Of the stork

It lays eggs

On the ground

Let’s them warm

In the sands


Of foot to

Crush them

It treats it’s

Young so harsh

As if it’s

Not it’s

For the above

Never gave it

The wisdom to

Share a sense

Of being good

Yet it spreads

Its feathers

To run


Do you give?

The horse?

Its strength?

To leap?

Could you?

Laugh at fear?

Or be afraid?

Of nothing?

Or face


As it


And it cannot

Stand still on the sounds

Of trumpets at its blow

It catches the scent

Of battle


Are hawks

Controlled by you?


Or does the eagle?

Which builds its

Nests so high

Dwelling on cliffs

Staying there

At night

From where

It looks upon

For food

And it’s young

Feast on blood



Part III


Brace yourself

There are questions

From above

And you need

To answer


Will you ever?

Discredit the justice?

Of above?


Do you have?

The strength?

As what’s above?

Can your voice?

Be as such?


The above

Looks at the proud

And brings them down

And humble them up



Crush the wicked

And bury

Them in dust


Some things

Are made

Initially by the

Above yet

It can also be


With sword


Can you?

Pull a


With hook?

Of a fish?

Or tie?

Its tongue?

With a rope?

Or pierce?

It’s jaw?

Can you?

Make a pet?

Out of it?

Like a bird?

If you ever do

You will

Know the struggle

And will never

Do it again


Who then is?

Able to?


The above?

Everything made

Under the above

Belongs to the above


Who can strip?

The crocodile’s limb?

Or it’s double layered

Coat of armour?

Who can?

Dare to open?

It’s mouth?

Its back has

Great shields

Tightly sealed

Its eyes

Are like

The rays

Of the dawn

Swords have

No effect on it

Nothing on earth

Is equal to it

It is a creature

Without any fear


The only answers

For all these questions

Can be only

Answered by our

One and only




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