Let Me Live on in Your Heart


I have left,

But I have not left your minds, or your hearts,

I am gone,

But only from sight,

In each and every one of your hearts my spirit lives on.

I know some of you are sad,

Upset, and

Even mad,

But I long for you to know I am where I have always hoped to go.

It doesn't seem fair, I know

But God had my time planned,

And that time has come for me.

Family, Friends...let your tears drain all your pain,

For I wish for you to look to the heavens and smile,

Because I'm smiling right back.

I need you to let me finish my journey, and leave this Earth,

But hold on to the wonderful memories we have made throughout our years together.

Because of all of you,

 The ones I've raised and helped raise,

 The ones I've touched and cared for,

 And the one man I will always be deeply in love with,

My love, memories, and wisdom will continue to thrive.

I want you all to know I love you dearly,

And I will never be far from your side,

While I wait here in God's holy palace for you all to come when the time is right.


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