For Jace

I'm grasping. Clenching.

My fists in sorrow.

As I keep loosing this sand through my fingers.

It cuts into my hand,

As I squeeze it even harder.

But as I do, I loose even more and my heart drops.

I'm grasping. Clenching.

My fists in anger.

As the wind howls and threatens to throw me off the edge.


I scream. As I drift closer to the depths.

But then, I feel the presence of something I had forgotten.

I'm sweating. Trembling.

As my soul aches.

I miss the sand I've already lost and the pain is indeniable.

These emptying hands feel cold and alone.

I wonder where the sand has gone.

And I'm tired. Of grasping what I can't hold onto.

I'm opening up. Letting go.

As my soul is held.

I was gripping the sand that wasn't mine to keep but to give back.

I drop to my knees and cry out. cry.

As I am reminded that even through the momentary storm.

I have been on the Rock that will not move and will never let go.

I'm grasping. Clenching.

Safe. Eternally.


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