Address to Heaven up Above

Dear God,

The World is fast-paced,

I see it as so.

When one life breathes alive,

another life seems to go.

The World never stops to ease destruction in the streets,

men, women, and children die from sickness they struggled to defeat.

Last month, I prayed on my knees eyes closed with despair,

That some way somehow a cure would kill the flu in the air.

A friend of mine got sick,

I asked what I could do,

all she said with certain confidence in her sickly eyes, was pray to YOU.

So there I was with hope in my heart, knees to the ground, shoulder width apart.

I kneeled there to address a solemn request that I myself did not know who to express.

So I decided it was best to instead of thinking,

 I should digress in a matter of speaking,

In a letter written to YOU.

So all I ask what you could do is make the world slow-paced.

So that time spent with loved ones will be longer to embrace.

I know this is what I to see it as so,

Just as my friends last breath went away in slow tempo




                        A loving Friend 


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